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About the Woodvale Community League

The Woodvale Community League (WCL) represents the neighborhoods of Greenview, Hillview, TAWA and Millwoods Town Center. The WCL is bounded on the North by the Whitemud Freeway, On the South by 23rd Avenue, on the east by 50th Street and the West by 66th Street. The offices of the WCL are located at 4540-50 Street NW, Edmonton AB T6L 6B6 on the Millwoods Golf Course (access is through Jackie Parker Park). The Phone Number is 780 462-2101 (Ext 3). The Woodvale Community League was founded June 23, 1980. From meager beginnings, the Woodvale Community League has grown to become a large, sophisticated organization dedicated to providing services to the community.

The crowning achievement to date is the construction of the $1.2 million Woodvale Community Centre on the Millwoods Golf Course. This facility is a community hall with extensive banquet facilities and a restaurant/lounge that serves as the clubhouse for the golf course. It also houses the pro shop. The mortgage on this facility was retired in 1994. The operation of this facility has provided a ongoing source of revenue to the league. Currently plans to expand and enhance the facility are being considered.

Other facilities developed by the Woodvale Community League include the following:

The community league has also been very involved in the Woodvale Beautification Project, planting trees and developing walkways in the communities.

Woodvale Neighborhood Map

Map of Woodvale Community

Woodvale Facility Access Map

Map of the Access Route to the Woodvale Facility

Woodvale Activity Centre Access Map

Map of the Access Route to the Woodvale Activity Centre